Calvin and Hobbes Creativity Comic

Are you barreling down on your latest design without a clue on what to do? Are you looking to roll out 5 more blog post this week without any topics in mind? Are you generally struggling to come up with any ideas? Your first thought may be to force through the creative process and work it out for better or worse. You keep pushing until you hit a breakthrough. You think if you put enough time and effort into your work something is bound to turn up. Fact of the matter is, what turns up will not be worth all of the agony.

Stay Creative at Your Own Pace

Simply put, if you are not in the mood to do something do not force yourself to do it. For the time being work on something else, stay productive, and avoid getting burnt out on a piece of work that was going no where to begin with. Putting all of your time and effort in a failing attempt to produce something creative will only frustrate you further.

Allow Creativity to Come to You

Creativity comes naturally not forcefully. If your in the shower an idea strikes run with it. Finish up your shower, sit down at the computer, and start rolling out ideas. If your out on the town and creativity strikes again make a note and revisit it later. Creativity can hit at any moment. Learn how to make the most of these moments as well as how to stay productive when creativity is in a lull. If it means working at the wee hours of the night when creativity peaks so be it, just so long as you are making the most of your time and happy doing so.

Stop Bad Habits & Start Build Constructive Habits

Forcing yourself to be creative will only produce sub par results, of which could be completely avoided had you taken some time to unwind. So before you pour that next cup of coffee and get in over your head stop. Think to yourself, is forcing myself to be creative right this second really worth it?

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