Powerful Linking Strategies

Inbound Links Anchor Text

Any inbound link to your website is of benefit, however having bound links with the anchor text directly related to your keyword is the best. This is perhaps one of the quickest ways to obtain quick rankings.

Inbound Links Origin

Apart from having keyword anchor text, you want your inbound links to come from a creditable source and if possible a source with a decent Google Page Rank.

Links from Similar Sites

One way to build trust within search engines is to gather links from similar websites. This proves that you are well liked within your industry and that your competition is on your side.

Links from .edu & .gov Sites

Websites with .edu or .gov are strictly monitored and thus are admired. Obtaining links from one of these sites is difficult, however once done shows great respect for your own site.

Number of Backlinks

While a high number of backlinks will help it is more important to obtain backlinks from a creditable source with good keyword anchor text.

Anchor Text of Internal Links

Anchor text makes a difference no matter if the link is internal, inbound, or outbound. The better the keyword anchor text is the better rankings you will receive.

Text Around the Links

Text that comes directly before or after the anchor text should relate to the link itself. This proves that the link is relevant and has been used within naturally written text.

Age of Inbound Links

The older your inbound links are the better. A high amount of new inbound links advocates that you are possibly buying them, which is strictly prohibited.

Directory Links

Getting links from reputable directories such as DMOZ, Google, or Yahoo will be of great benefit. Getting links from hundreds of useless small directories can be considered link spamming. Stick with the big guns.

Number of Outbound Links on a Page with a Link to You

Ideally the less outbound links on a page that is linking to you the better. Fewer outbound links on a page will place more importance on your link.

Named Anchors

Internal named anchors (<a href="#web-design">Web Design</a> and #web-design) are beneficial because they place added importance on a section of text. As with any anchor text, the better the keywords the better the results.

Inbound Link IP Address

Although Google has not confirmed it, inbound links with the same IP can look like link spam and thus cause some harm to your rankings. For best practice try to obtain links from different IP addresses.

Weak Linking Strategies

Inbound Links from Skeptical Sites/Link Farms

While this does not affect you as long as the links are not repetitive it is best you stay away from skeptical websites and link farms. Search engines see skeptical sites linking to your site as something that is out of your control, therefore they do not penalize you for it. Either way it does not look good and is something that should be avoided if possible.

Number of Outbound Links

Having a large number of links on a page will drain your page rank as well as your keyword rankings. Seeing as how outbound links provide you no benefit, the fewer the better.

Excessive Linking & Link Spamming

Getting too many links from one source or website advocates that you are possibly buying links or perhaps link spamming. Either way it is going to hurt you and should be avoided.

Outbound Links to Skeptical Sites/Link Farms

Just like you do not want inbound links from skeptical sites and link farms, it is even worse if you link to them and it will drain your credibility and rankings. The best practice is to occasionally check your outbound links and ensure that they are up to date and creditable websites.


Cross-linking (A linking to B, B linking to C, and C linking to A) is seen as glorified reciprocal link trading and search engines will come down on you hard. Avoid all reciprocal linking and cross-linking.

Hidden Links

Hiding links from users in attempt to falsify search engines for rankings will not work. Search engines will recognize these links and punish your rankings accordingly

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